Thursday, April 23, 2009

Izzy Stone: Lying commie slime

A few weeks ago i posted on journalistic icon I. F. Stone. It now appears that i was too kind to the old fraud.

I.F. Stone, Soviet Agent—Case Closed
I wonder if the Neiman Foundation or Harvard University have any second thoughts about issuing a medal in Stone's honor?

UPDATE: Ronald Radosh weighs in here.

UPDATE 2 (Friday) From the American Spectator:

Harvard University's Nieman Foundation for Journalism awards an "I.F Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence." Ithaca College hosts an "Izzy Awards" for "independent media." The University of California-Berkeley's graduate school of journalism offers "I.F. Stone Fellowships." In 1999, New York University's journalism department, and a panel of prestigious scribes that included Jeff Greenfield, Mary McGrory, and Morley Safer, named I.F. Stone's Weekly as number 16 on its list of the 100 best works of U.S. journalism in the 20th century.

Don't expect the academic honors, or the media hosannas, to evaporate anytime soon. Stone took money from the KGB and not the CIA, after all. Izzy Stone was wrong about nearly everything he wrote about during the Cold War. It is only fitting that his admirers got him so wrong too

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