Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good reads

Happily Divorced from Bill Maher’s ‘Reality’

Maher is the sort of stunted narcissist who cannot conceive that other people have needs, desires and feelings as legitimate as his own. In his puerile mind, there is no room for consideration of anything except What Bill Wants Right Now. To know such creatures — and most of us have, unfortunately, encountered at least one spoiled brat like Maher — is to loathe them. They tend to be unconscionably rude toward “little people” like waiters and store clerks, taking vicious pleasure in bossing around and humiliating people.

The Wail of the 1%

As the privileged class loses its privileges, a collective moan rises from the canyons of Wall Street

Meghan McCain Is Not, Strictly Speaking, Very Smart

She didn't become a Republican out of principle. She did it as a gift to her dad, which is honestly very sweet but hardly qualifies you to position yourself as the voice of young Republicans. Honestly the 'my daddy is the nominee' is a small cohort the party can do without winning over.

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