Monday, September 18, 2006

This is outstanding

CNN's Grace out of line in Duckett case

Most news organizations think that reporting the facts is their mission. CNN, in an effort to top the formidable Bill O'Reilly on Fox News in the 8 p.m. ratings -- Grace is nearly always running second or third in that slot -- apparently thinks it must make the news. Grace's performance so far is only a slim cut above TV-show host Jerry Springer's antics. Springer, however, doesn't masquerade as respectable.

She nails Nancy on a couple of lies and distortions. Like this one:
The worst part is that in the glee of building a case against Melinda Duckett, Grace has interpreted facts to fit her theory. Take, for example, her statement that Melinda was trying to sell Trenton's car seat. Grace has insinuated that that shows Melinda knew Trenton was dead. Melinda's parents, however, said that Trenton had outgrown his seat and that his mother bought him a new booster-sized one -- it's still at her grandparents' home in The Villages.

So tell me again-- why does she have a job with the Most Trusted Name in News?

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