Monday, September 18, 2006

Nancy Grace goes all in

Most people might have some qualms about their behavior if they browbeat a troubled young woman who then committed suicide. That, however, is not the Nancy Grace way. She is still plunging full speed ahead.

Grace: No Regrets Over Tough Interview

CNN Host Says Guilt Probably Drove Missing Boy's Mom To Suicide

The family of a missing Florida boy says CNN's Nancy Grace and others in the media helped push the child's mother over the edge.

Investigators say Melinda Duckett shot herself to death Friday, the day after she was grilled by Grace in a telephone interview, and hours before the interview aired.

Grace told ABC News on Friday that it was more likely guilt than the media that drove Duckett to kill herself. "To suggest that a 15- or 20-minute interview can cause someone to commit suicide is focusing on the wrong thing," she said

She has shoved all her chips into the pot and is counting on the police to tie Melinda Duckett to her son’s murder. If they don’t, her career could be over.

It’s worth remembering that Grace’s avenging angel act frequently selects the wrong target. She was adamant that the Runaway Bride was a kidnap victim; she insinuated that Matthew Winkler was abusive; and she insisted that Richard Ricci kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.

Let’s not forget that she compared defense attorneys to the guards at Auschwitz.

Like the criminals she loves to flay in prime time, Nancy Grace exhibits a narcissistic arrogance that blinds her to her own missteps and mistakes. She plows forward, looking for her next target and trusts that her audience will forget the miscues. (Given the average age of her viewers, she is smart to count on their memory lapses.)

Oh yeah. When she went on ABC to defend herself, she brought up the dead boyfriend again.

Grace said the focus should not be on the interview, but on finding Trenton Duckett. "While I sympathize with her family and know as a first-hand victim of crime myself, you look for somebody to blame, anybody," she said. "And today the family is blaming me. … But I would suggest their efforts go towards finding this baby."

Her victims advocate pose is tiresome. Lynch mobs always justify their actions by in the name of the victim. The men who hung Leo Frank did it in the name of poor, dead Mary Phagan.

Not to mention that every time she brings up the boyfriend, it raises uncomfortable questions about the lies and exaggerations she has told about the murder and the killer’s trial.

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