Saturday, January 15, 2005

What a piece of scum

Ersatz-Limbaugh Glenn Beck is having fun and trying to make some point about athletes, i guess. I worry about people who find him funny or informative. (His show is on the only AM station i can get here. Hence, i now have a Sirius radio for the truck).

Check out the rules of his contest:
Welcome sports fans to our first ever football lineup! Today we take a look at the AFC Divisional playoffs and pick the winners. Each team receives one point for every player on their roster that has been accused of or found guilty of a crime or other offense which lead to a police investigation.
See, in order to get enough names and faces, he lumps those who are convicted with those who are merely accused. That is deeply unfair as this example makes clear:
Jerome Bettis was interviewed by Greensburg police regarding a report filed by a 22-year-old woman accusing him of sexual assault. Bettis later passed a lie detector test about the incident and all charges were dismissed.
Not only did Bettis pass a lie detector test, but police discovered that the accuser's uncle had bragged about his plans to entrap and shakedown a Steeler for a payoff.

I'm also not sure about Larry Foote either:
Foote was charged after a fight at a restaurant near the Michigan campus in February. The fight started when the former Michigan player and some friends came to a woman's defense after seeing some other men drop her on the ground inside a restaurant, police said in February.
"Came to a woman's defense" and got into a fight--- sounds like almost every John Wayne movie ever made. But maybe the Duke is a little too rough and tumble for a Dockers and loafers guy like Beck.

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