Sunday, January 16, 2005

A disappointing win

It's hard to root for your team when you know they deserve to lose. That's how i felt in the 4th quarter last night.

In fairness, the team played well-- they ran the ball effectively and they held the Jets offense to 3 points.

But the offensive play-calling sucked. I don't blame a rookie QB for throwing picks; i question the sanity of the coaching staff that tries to win a game by having a rookie QB throw the ball. It did not look like the Jets cold shut down the run, but the Steelers kept throwing early.

The Jets were tired. This was their third crucial road game in a row. The previous two had gone into overtime. Yet Pittsburgh let them control the clock in the first half.

And our post-season special teams problems resurfaced. In 2001 the Patriots beat us thanks to 2 special team touchdowns and a blocked FG. Last night's game was close only because of the punt return TD and the interception return for a TD.

Ugly, stupid. Stupidly ugly.

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