Friday, September 18, 2009

No wonder newspapers are dying

An inside baseball kind of “scandal” at the Washington Post.

Post Magazine Killed 'Depressing' Story

Katharine Weymouth Steps in It Again

The Post, like most dead tree media, is losing readers and advertising dollars. The publisher wants to reverse this trend. The journalistic guild reacts with horror and outrage.

Liberals often pretend that big media is right wing because the owners are Republican. This story puts the lie to that lame old saw. Katherine Weymouth is media royalty. Her grandmother was Katherine “I stared down Nixon” Graham. Yet, when she so much as voices an opinion about the content of her paper, the guild goes nuclear.

Owners and publishers, it seems, must do one thing only--sign the paychecks.

Too bad, because she seems to understand something her employees ignore: People do not have to buy the Post and advertisers do not have to buy ads. The guild ignores that and concentrates on their prerogatives (editorial “independence”). Then they whine about job cuts and dwindling budgets.

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