Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's the matter with California?

Just a crime story, or is this the next project for citizen journalists?

Former SEIU President Sentenced to 25 Years For Child Molestation

OK, so Jaime Enrique Feliciano is a pervert and scumbag. End of story, right?

Or maybe not.

He was twice convicted of serious crimes (in 1993 and 2006). Yet at the time of his arrest he worked for the state of California in the Department of Insurance. He even had child porn on his state computer.

He was president of his Distric Labor Council of the Service Employees International Union.

Question: Does the SEIU protect the rights of convicted child molesters and other criminals to work for the state?

Maybe an unfair question.

On the other hand, John Floyd Thomas also worked for the state (in at the State Compensation Insurance Fund) even though he was convicted of rape in 1978. He worked there until his arrest for murder. He stands accused as the "The Westside Rapist" and may be the most prolific serial killer in LA history.

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