Friday, September 18, 2009

Cincinnati Reds Soar Past Buccos

by The Last Hollywood Star

On August 25, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds were locked in a virtual tie for fifth place in the National League Central.

Since then, the teams have gone in the polar opposite direction.

As of September 19, the Pirates have sole possession of last, 28.5 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. The Reds have pulled away and trail the Cards by “only” 17 games.

The Reds have won 14 of their last 18 games; the Pirates have won two of 18.

The Reds and Pirates, both fielding minor league call ups and marginal major leaguers, played a meaningless double header in Cincinnati on August 31. The Reds swept both games and the series.

What does it mean when the second worst team in the Central Division (the Reds) is dramatically outplaying the worst team (the Pirates)?

Draw your own conclusions but as far as I can see the road ahead will be long and hard for the Bucs.

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