Tuesday, October 06, 2015

None of our heroes are safe from the SJWs

Author of new James Bond novel Trigger Mortis reveals all the sexism was edited out of the famous spy novel because his wife was ‘quite angry about it’
Horowitz was a strange choice to write a new Bond novel. His TV series Foyle’s War is one long campaign to “demystify” and diminish the men and women who fought the Nazi’s and gave Britain her Finest Hour.

Over the course of the series, he betrays a collection of sympathies that are peculiar, even perverse. In Foyle’s War the Americans are the bad guys more often than they are valuable allies. British leaders are craven, cruel, and deceitful. Leftists are sympathetic even (especially?) when they are communists.

In short, Horowitz appears to yearn for the Popular Front days that created the sowed the seeds for the Cambridge traitors. He and his wife seem like the sort of people who make excuses for Anthony Blunt and take pity on “poor old Guy Burgess’. (There are quite few of these types in the British media).

Horowitz probably thinks he is on the side of the angels in his reworking of the Bond image. (Or maybe he just is deathly afraid of the SJWs who run his little world.)

We might not want an updated ‘modern’ Bond, but the author will damn sure give us one. Realism! Science! Magic History Fairy!

What we are witnessing is the SJW version of the old Hollywood Production Code. The Bad Old Code said that sex outside of marriage must not be glamorized and that criminals must come to a bad end. The Great New SJW Code says that “sexist” men must not be presented as attractive to women or as self-confident heroes.

Once again, we see that the totalitarian streak in SJWs. When it comes to rules, the only thing that matters to them is “Who, Whom”.

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