Thursday, May 07, 2015

Apologists for treason

From Intelligence Analysis and Reporting

In 1953, Rees became principal of Aberystwyth University. In 1956, a series of articles appeared in The People. They described their anonymous author as a “Most intimate friend, a man in a high academic position.” Guy Burgess appeared in them as a corrupt man, spy, blackmailer, homosexual, and drunk. The Daily Telegraph then revealed Rees was author. The university held an enquiry into the matter (1956-1957). Despite student support, university staff did not support him. Rees resigned before the enquiry ended, thus also ending his academic career. The enquiry’s report was very critical of Rees. Moreover, “It turned out that a great many old acquaintances of Burgess and Maclean were much more horrified–felt, indeed, much more betrayed–by the fact that the late Goronwy Rees gave a version of their flight to the People than by the flight itself. When Stephen Spender showed the Daily Express a friend’s letter about Burgess, he was held to have disgraced himself.
This BBC recent podcast is also less than critical of a man who loved Stalin more than his own country:

Great Lives: Guy Burgess
What hope is there for a nation when its self-styled intellectual leaders defend traitors, protects child rapists (Jimmy Savile, Rotherham, Lord Janner) but is driven mad with anger toward someone like Jeremy Clarkson?

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