Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Juarez femicide myth

An interesting interview with a scholar who has demolished the MSM narrative on murder in Juarez

Q&A with Molly Molloy: The Story of the Juarez Femicides is a ‘Myth’

It’s almost like we’re fetishizing these dead women. To always be looking back at these women as if their bodies are this kind of sacrificial host—I find that to be troubling, in terms of our culture and our focus on life and death and what it means. In other words, if you’re constantly focusing on women as if they’re this symbol for suffering, you never move beyond that particular death to look at the social conditions that gave that kind of life, and that kind of death, for so, so many people...

I’ve read things by some feminist scholars talking about the “harvest” of young, nubile women. I mean, the terminology becomes kind of sensual, or sexual. Some of the writing about these cases I find to be pushing over into the extreme and eroticizing the victims
This recent book is the best examination of the gap between the facts on the ground and the MSM narrative.

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