Monday, March 31, 2014

Clinton and the sex offender

Must read from R. S. McCain:

Perjurer … Pedophile … Lawsuit

What are the elements of a great news story? Well, President Clinton is a perjurer who lied under oath in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly a pedophile who had sex with underage prostitutes. And a lawsuit has brought out new details of the friendship between Clinton and Epstein.
Note, this is not revisiting Clinton’s behavior in the 1990s. His visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s island/brothel/sex dungeon happened after he left office.

So far, the American media hasn’t touched the story. Maybe because Epsteinhas friends in the right places? has friends in the right places.

On the evening of December 2nd, 2010, a handful of America's media and entertainment elite--including TV anchors Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos, comedienne Chelsea Handler, and director Woody Allen--convened around the dinner table of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
So it is a story of multi-faceted corruption--Wall Street, politics, media. No wonder the Clintons and MSM want to bury this story.

Here is a question worth pondering:

Is Rand Paul playing 3-D chess while everyone else is playing checkers?

Remember when Paul was criticized for calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator?

What is Rand Paul was not trying to “re-litigate the 1990s”?

What if he and his staff is looking forward and knew about the Clinton-Epstein connection?

By any measure, it is the sort of story that could sink HRC’s campaign all by itself. The mother of all bombshells just waiting for some to seize it.

So HRC won’t run or will be destroyed if she plays the Women’s Candidate while dodging difficult questions about her husband’s friends and after-hours activities.

What happens to the polls when Hillary is no longer in the race? Biden?

No way even the corrupt MSM can prop Crazy Joe up for the whole campaign.

Rand Paul might look pretty good after HRC’s exit.

Plus he gets points for taking on the issue when no one else wanted to address it.

Until the MSM picks up on the story, Paul has a useful talking point about media corruption and complicity in child abuse and exploitation.

Imagine if he went on George Stephanopoulos’s show and hit him for covering up for and supporting not one but two predators?


Not too mention, anything which hurts MSM credibility works to limit the damage they can do to an outsider candidate like Rand Paul.

Maybe I am over-thinking this. On the other hand, Paul has been astute so far in his career. He has succeeded time and again when the smart insiders were certain that he was headed for disaster.

One final point. Leftwing historian Roger Morris wrote an extremely interesting and highly critical biography of Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1996. It was ignored by the MSM and its insider posse of Clinton boosters. Partners in Power was prescient on a number of points and makes interesting reading now that we know so much more about the Clinton’s.

This passage describes the insider society of Little Rock when Bill was governor and Hillary was burnishing her credentials as an advocate for women and children.

At raucous parties on sprawling estates and aboard private jets, cocaine lay piled in ashtrays, was passed about on silver platters or in small vials, was even bagged on festive pouches hanging as ornaments from Christmas trees. Regular party guests--powerful businessmen and politicians from Arkansas and beyond--had ‘all the coke they could snort’ as one witness told the police--and were supplied, too, with pretty teenage girls from Little Rock high school as well as with the most fashionable black prostitutes from the capital or Memphis or New Orleans, women who later told stories of suffering cigarette burns and other abuse in the houses and suites of some of the city’s most wealthy and prominent citizens. ‘They were animals’ said a West Memphis sheriff’s deputy who listened to some of the accounts.

It was all done with seedy abandon and, for most involved, utter impunity. Drug dealers corrupted local police for protection, hiring off-duty officers as bodyguards, and in any case kept up a steady stream of contributions to local officeholders and charities. At one point gruesome testimony moved prosecutors to bring a few cases. But inquiries never went too far, and the token convicts were soon forgotten, the most famous among them pardoned by Governor Clinton.

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