Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cass Sunstein's evasions and telling omissions

The Dark Side of New York Times v. Sullivan

One of the goals of the court’s ruling was to protect self-government, but the effects on self-government are not all good. Talk show hosts, bloggers and users of social media can spread ugly falsehoods in an instant -- exposing citizens to lies that may well cause them to look on their leaders with unjustified suspicion.
In Sunstein's world, self-government=big government by bureaucrats and politicians who are not "abused" on the internet or radio.

I wonder, does he like Orwell and not see that Orwell had people like him in mind when when he wrote Animal Farm and 1984. Or is he honest enough and clear-headed enough to hate Orwell?

Note as well, it is the new media that does the lying in Sunstein's argument. The MSM is presumably the slow but honest counter-balance to those meddling bloggers and lying readio hosts.

Presumably, government work makes one incapable of lying or distorting the facts. Because a government that lied would be much more dangerous to self-government than bloggers or twitterers.


Richard Jewell was unavailable for comment on that point.

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