Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad bad week for NBC News (UPDATED)

First Andrea Mitchell shows her ignorance.

Then there was Mark Murray’s “Bieberesque infantile homoerotic obsession” and “posterior-licking thoughts on the greatness of Barack Obama".

And for the trifecta they decided to accuse conservatives of racism and fell flat on their faces.

The really amazing thing was that they did this all in about 36 hours!!!!

Ed Driscoll:

for NBC, their news division is largely a closed ideological shop. As with all of the outbursts at MSNBC, the paranoid id of NBC News, who’s there to tell them it’s not a good idea?


After I posted this, I tweeted Brian Stelter of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

An honest critic could do a whole show on NBC's bad week but what will @brianstelter do?
To my surprise, he quickly responded. To my complete non-surprise he downplayed everything:

Brian Stelter @brianstelter

So several different NBC employees said things you didn't like this week. is that why it's been a bad week?

Surely CNN & Fox News employees said lots of things others didn't like this wk. i don't think that's automatically a story.
He managed to to use all the usual evasion of the captive critic.

That’s just your [stupid right-wing] opinion.

It’s no big deal.

Fox does it too!
What he did not do was address the substance of any of the points.

The hateful unnecessary charge that conservatives were racist.

The ignorance and bias of senior NBC News figures.

The destruction of the fiction that leftwing MSNBC in no way influences NBC News and therefore the former should never reflect poorly on the latter.
Nor did he seem interested in the inspiring Twitter pushback launched by the redoubtable Michelle Malkin.

Oh well, he who laughs last……..

NBC, MSNBC sink to bottom of who the public trusts
Erik Wemple saw that there were larges issues at stake:

And now this Cheerios thing. The string of offenses raises doubts about Wolffe’s claim that the tweet from last night doesn’t reflect “who we are at msnbc.” Rather, the tweet appears to a careful observer to define precisely what MSNBC is becoming: A place that offends and apologizes with equal vigor.

The Erik Wemple Blog supports media organizations that muster strong apologies. Too often, mistakes are followed by stonewalling and a failure to repent. Apologies can be an important measure of accountability. Yet this string of meae culpae suggests that the apology may be morphing into an enabling device for the network’s tendentious and divisive attitudes. Sometimes a bad tweet represents the errant and unrepresentative thoughts of some employee managing the social-media accounts. And sometimes it represents institutional morays mores and prejudices.
Plus check out Ace:

MSNBC's Racist Cheerios Trolling Riles... The Progressive Media

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