Tuesday, November 26, 2013

News judgement II

This time from Ace:

New York Times: Redistribution of Wealth Is Central to Obamacare, And That Was "Hiding in Plain Sight" All Along

As with Obama himself, there are only two possible explanations:

1, the press is ignorant and incompetent and simply not up to the job of doing anything more difficult than straight stenography. And what does this say about their alleged status as the cognitive elite?


2, the press is institutionally, conspiratorially dishonest, and chose not only to not report this for four long years, but even more, chose to actively join in a lie. Because they are fundamentally political actors, and they behave as if they are an extension of Obama's communications shop, pushing false Narratives and pushing back against honest, accurate criticism.

And what does that say about their status as the nation's fact-finders?

At some point, we will get them to confront this, and give us a straight answer as to why they lied to the country, more frequently than Obama himself , about Obama and his pet redistributive Trojan Horse.
And then this:

Now He Tells Us: Time's Mark Halperin Says Obamacare Does Indeed Contain "Death Panels," And That's Right There in the Black-and-White Letter of the Law

Yes... and all of this was knowable, and reportable, four years ago as well, but it only recently became fashionable to tell the American people the truth about Obamacare.

And that point only came when people could see with their own eyes it was a disaster and a lie-- only at that point did the media begin confessing the obvious.

Maybe Howard Kurtz could invite Instapundit on his Mediabuzz and discuss this topic and what it says about the MSM.

I’m just amused at how quickly after the implementation of ObamaCare the whole “death panel” thing was transformed from a paranoid fantasy of that yokel, Sarah Palin, to an obviously good idea that all thinking people support.

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