Monday, September 24, 2012

Libya: Blunder or scandal?

Stephen Hayes:
Permanent Spin

So we are left with this: Four Americans were killed in a premeditated terrorist attack on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, and for more than a week the Obama administration misled the country about what happened.

This isn’t just a problem. It’s a scandal.

(HT: Beldar who leaves room for a lot of blunder inside the scandal)

Two other pieces that together make the case for SCANDAL:

First, In from the Cold looks at what we knew or should have known prior to the Benghazi attacks.

Who Knew, Redux

Mr. Stevens and his colleagues didn't have to have to die--it's that simple. There were warnings of a possible attack up to three days prior, from Libyan officials and Egyptian intelligence. There are also indications that the Brits knew something was up and shared that information with us, but to no avail. Ambassador Stevens, who reportedly told co-workers he "had a price on his head," elected to travel to the unsecure Benghazi facility, with no dedicated security detail. However, it is unclear if Stevens received the latest threat information before setting out for the consulate.

Next, Mark Steyn weighs the harm done to free expression in the wake of the attack and the spin.
Bowing to the mob

For background, this CSPAN interview with Richard Miniter paints a devastating picture of the Obama style-- lazy, disengaged, and besotted with self-regard.

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