Saturday, June 19, 2010

I {heart} Mark Steyn

This post was good:


But the caning he gave Conor Friedersdorf is not to be missed:

Correction Sought

Just One Minute weighs in judiciously (which is bad news for Conor "I'm a conservative who matters" Friedersdorf:

Bringing The 'Epic' To 'Epic Fail'

Three quick points;

1. The essential rightness of Steyn's argument is found in his comparison of Matthew Shepherd and Aasiya Hassan (and the media coverage of each murder).

2. When some one starts an argument by calling their opponent close-minded, unthinking, cynical and/or easily manipulated (which is the essence of Friederdorf's "epistemic closure"), they really aren't interested in an honest discussion. He seeks to mark his conservative opponents as unworthy of debate. His audience is the MSM who like his message (see next post) and like "conservatives" who smear popular conservatives (see Frum, David).

3 How can Friedersdorf claim any sort of high ground when he works with and seeks support from Excitable Andy, "The Chief Obstetrician"? Not even Glen Beck has ever been so consistently hysterical and loony.

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