Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kornheiser suspended

ESPN suspends Tony Kornheiser for comments about SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm's wardrobe


Jack Shafer mounts a defense of TK. (Well, as much of a defense as an honest man can mount for someone like Kornheiser).

Sympathy for Tony Kornheiser
He may be a rotten bastard, but his ESPN bosses are idiots for suspending him.

Reports say that Kornheiser is suspended for two weeks. I think that tells us a lot about the "values" at Bristol. ESPN was happy to make Kornheiser a television star despite his cruel mockery of twelve year olds. When Dana Jacobson unleashed a drunken, obscene and blasphemous tirade at an ESPN function, she was suspended for a week.

In ESPN's world, mocking Hannah Storm's fashion choices is twice as bad as hurling obscenities at Jesus Christ.

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