Monday, January 04, 2010

Whitewashing terrorism

An old story (2007) but still relevant.

Rehabbing The D.C. Snipers

Now the network [CNN] has completely scrubbed Islam from the picture, offering child abuse (boo-hoo) and spousal revenge as alternative motives for the snipers' bloody rampage.

Nowhere in its one-hour special - promoted as "The Minds of the D.C. Snipers" - is Islamist brainwashing even hinted as a motivating factor behind their serial assassinations. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that they were on a jihad.

In their own words, Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo traveled across the country to terrorize Washingtonians on the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks - first by picking off random people and then by blowing up school buses using plastic explosives loaded with ball bearings

As time passes, CNN's take has become increasingly prevalent in the MSM. The ideological motive is ignored while the spousal revenge plot is given currency despite the lack of evidence for it. (Basically, his ex-wife claims he was out to kill her and the media takes her at her word.)

I wonder how authorities and the media came to believe her and reject the evidence that she was less than a fearful innocent hiding from her crazy ex-soldier spouse?
But a simple check of local news stories at the time would have revealed that neighbors reported seeing Muhammad visit with his former wife and children at their Maryland town house before and during the shootings. One neighbor said he even jogged with him.

Police even staked out her house in the hope he would visit again.

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