Sunday, November 01, 2009

Today on the NFL Network: Rich Eisen wants to have Brett Favre's baby

I used to think that the constant soap opera that turned the NFL into the National Favre League, was just evidence of laziness on the part of the average sports yakker. It's easier to speculate about Favre's next move than it is to do real reporting or analysis.

After reading Steve Sailer, though, i wonder if it is part of a media strategy to reach out to other demographics:

Another chronic problem with shows that don’t reset is creeping soap operaization. Female fascination with relationships tends to crowd out every other subject over time. Even House, with the wonderful Hugh Laurie as a Sherlock Holmes-like genius/misanthrope solving one medical mystery per week, has become more of a soap opera over the years.

The obsession with Favre obscures the fact that Old Yeller is far from the best QB in the NFL and has not been an "elite" QB for many years. Favre is having the best year of his career based on passer rating, yet he is not in the top five in the league.

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