Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Someone worth remembering

1930s journalist Gareth Jones to have story retold

Correspondent who exposed Soviet Ukraine's manmade famine to be focus of new documentary

In death he has become known as "the man who knew too much" – a fearless young British reporter who walked from one desperate, godforsaken village to another exposing the true horror of a famine that was killing millions.

Gareth Jones's accounts of what was happening in Soviet Ukraine in 1932-33 were different from other western accounts. Not only did he reveal the true extent of starvation, he reported on the Stalin regime's failure to deliver aid while exporting grain to the west. The tragedy is now known as the Holodomar and regarded by Ukrainians as genocide

Jones had the story of a lifetime and tried to tell it. The "best minds" in journalism did their best to help preserve Stalin's cover-up. Some of them even won prizes for the effort.

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