Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not to be missed

From the annals of the struggle for decency and a return to civility. Rightwing Sparkle:

What Have We Come To When The President Slurs Those Who Disagree?

Of special note is the behavior of Ana Marie Cox. We all knew she was a crass attention whore. But now we can add indecent liar to her resume.

Hey, Howie Kurtz loves to use the aging coquette on Reliable Sources as. Maybe he'll ask her about her own ethics next time she is on.

Indecision in Afghanistan:

Someone Tell The Dawdler-in-Chief This Is Not A Term Paper

Will someone tell our President this is not a term paper. You don't get to move the paragraphs around, tweak the punctuation, and cut and paste until it reads just right.

Keep screwing around on this and there will be no Afghan government left to which we can turn over "responsibility

Some useful context for the Hannity video kerfuffle:

Suddenly the left cares about honest visuals!

But let’s not pretend the left really cares about the truthful use of imagery in the media. Sorry, that claim just won’t fly.

UPDATE: I guess not all fake visuals are equal. Or did i miss the reaction to the MSNBC segment?

For Palin Book Tour Coverage, Media Tarnishes, Smears, Repeats

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