Friday, November 13, 2009

I wondered the same thing

R.S. McCain wonders why Sarah Palin is dissing her natural allies and playing along with those who tried to destroy her:

Why is Sarah Palin dissing conservative media?

He notes:

Sarah Palin suffered so much last year because she was advised by the usual "media strategists," including the self-serving Nicolle Wallace, a torpedo from Team Bush. And yet she allows the P.R. geniuses at Harper Collins to pick and choose their favorites in the media roll-out.

Palin moved the health care debate with a Facebook post. She of all people should understand the power of new media and the pathetic decline of the MSM. Yet she goes the conventional route--- Oprah, Associated Press, etc.

The Couric interview was a disaster for Palin but a life raft for the floundering Couric. As Palin notes in her book, the Nicolle Wallace arguments in favor of CBS had little to do with the benefit to McCain campaign, and everything to do with helping poor Katie.

I wonder if the choice of Oprah is similar. Not that the Big O "needs" Palin, but it is a great "get" for her show. The kind of get that makes producers think highly of the publishers and publicists who arranged it. Those good relations could pay off big for other authors from that publisher even it it does not do much for Sarah Palin.

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