Friday, September 04, 2009

The urge to purge

R. S. McCain has a couple of good items on the latest kerfuffle:

Do we need a purge? I don't think so

Birthers, Ruffini and the Urge to Purge

He's actually easier on the instigators than they deserve. (I suspect that Mr. McCain is a bit of a squish when it comes to squishes he knows personally.)

Me? I'm heartily sick of these pointless public fatwas. Don't like World Net Daily? Fine, don't go there. (I've managed to not go there for months and months and even years at a time.)

Think WND is posting nonsense? Fine, say so. Fisk them. That's what blogs are for.

But to demand that WND AND ITS READERS should be publically shunned and denounced?

Please, your ego is showing.

Besides, as McCain points out, there is a little Beltway career management at work here.

Attacking small fry like WND in order to bolster the old brand image is mean and small and probably worse than anything Joseph Farrah has done.

If they believe their bilge and really think their outrage is justified then we have a different problem Perhaps Ruffini and Henke should ponder a thought from a couple of great conservative thinkers:

From the outset the eminence of this new creature, the intellectual, who was to play such a tremendous role in the history of the twentieth century, was inseperable from his necessary indignation. It was his indignation that elevated him to a plateau of moral superiority. Once up there, he was in a position to look down on the rest of humanity. And it did not cost him any effort, intellectual or otherwise. As Marshall McLuhan would put it years later: 'Moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity.'

Tom Wolfe, Hooking Up

These politcal professionals also have a cart and horse problem. What was it that the genius Michael Barone said?

Oh yeah---

There are more conservatives than Republicans.

If Republicans have a problem, it's that the party professionals desert the base, not that its base is a tail that wags the dog.

Finally, just talking practical politics: if Palin, Limbaugh, Levin, and Beck are so toxic, why are the Obama approval numbers dropping? The heros of the great unwashed lead the charge, and the GOP's fortunes improve. It seems to me that the Frum model fails based on these results.

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