Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Some one owes Don Imus and Nancy Reagan an apology

Two recent stories that echo two earlier scandals. And the press reactions that mimic Sherlock Holmes's dog that did not bark.

Early in the Reagan administration, Nancy Reagan wanted new White House china. No government money was involved, but good china is expensive (as any Bridezilla victim can tell you). The purchase, made in the midst of a recession, provided ample fodder for extended posturing by the MSM (the only M we had in those days). It was unseemly, you see, to spend so much money when people were suffering.

Fast forward, now, to the Obama's date night in New York. The Daily Mail reports that it cost the taxpayers more than $70,000. That's public money at a time when people are losing jobs, retirement accounts have been hammered, and the budget deficit is at a staggering level.

Our betters in the dinosaur media treat it as a cute human interest story.

After Imus attacked the Rutgers basketball team, the media moralists did not rest until he was driven from the radio airwaves and cable TV. So how did said moralists react to the obscene attack on conservative women in Playboy?

Mostly crickets but some of them thought it was clever until they heard from their readers.

UPDATE:Great stuff from Patterico:

L.A. Times Gushes Over Obama Date Night

Also, some one was fired for over the Playboy article.... a writer for AOL who criticized the article:
AOL Playboy Controversy Deepens

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