Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thank you Mr. Moran

The world owes a great, unrecognized debt to the undistinguished scribblers of long-forgotten works. Much of G. K. Chesterton's best work was dashed off in response to some book or article that caught his attention and triggered a thought. Does anyone read the fiction of Mrs. Craigie or Miss Fowler? Yet without these two fine ladies, we might not have Cahpter 15 of Heretics.

I'm beginning to think that Rick Moran is the blogosphere's Miss Fowler. What he writes is of little intrinsic importance and will be forgotten. But every now and then he provokes Robert Stacy McCain into writing something like this:

'Kooks,' Blue-State Republicans, Rick Moran, and the Messaging Problem

After you read it, ask yourself this question: Why did National Review hire the awful David Frum instead of Robert Stacy McCain? Why don't they hire him today?

NR could give him a column like the old "Gimlet Eye" of D. Keith Mano. My guess is that McCain could single-handedly make them interesting again.

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