Friday, March 27, 2009

Soulcraft and statecraft

This post at The American Thinker spiked my blood pressure:

The Dead-End Politics of Envy

The posturing over the AIG bonues disgusts me, but Todd Dittmann’s post is so over the top it is shameful. Come on. Comparing the AIG executives to the victims of Stalin? Invoking Deadly Sins?

It also reeks of hypocrisy.

There are other deadly sins, some of which led directly to this economic cataclysm Did Mr. Dittmann denounce those as well? Where is his heartfelt post worrying about the sould killing danger of greed, gluttony, and pride on Wall Street?

Or is Todd Dittmann one of those worshippers of the “Bitch Goddess Success” who sees sin only in the agents of the State? We have many idolaters of the Market who believe that the cash nexus washes away all iniquity.

Once again, Chesterton was prophetic:

"In practice the great difference between the mediaeval ethics and ours is that ours concentrate attention on the sins which are the sins of the ignorant, and practically deny that the sins which are the sins of the educated are sins at all."

"We are always talking about the sin of intemperate drinking because it is quite obvious that the poor have it more than the rich. But we are always denying that there is any such thing as the sin of pride, because it would be quite obvious that the rich have it more than the poor


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