Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hipster iconography

What's So Bad About Socialism, Anyway?

In 2007, Cameron Diaz carried a Maoist messenger bag while sightseeing in Peru and was forced to apologize — 70,000 Peruvians were murdered by the Maoist Shining Path in the '80s and '90s. At least with Che chic, the idiocy is dreamy and romantic and you can pretend that wearing his face is all about being young, riding motorcycles, and having South American-level sex; Mao was responsible for the death of 60 million people — he makes Hitler look like an amateur.

Cameron Diaz is not, of course, a communist. She's a ditz — that's her ideology. Her Mao bag was tasteless, not evil. And she's far from alone in her tastelessness. The coolest literary bar in New York is KGB in the East Village — the 92nd Street Y for young writers — and it's full of Soviet propaganda.

RTWT (HT: Photon Courier)

The "ditz pass" only applies to left-wing icons. If Cameron Diaz wore a Confederate flag t-shirt, i doubt that she would be excused for "bad taste" because she was ignorant.

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