Friday, August 01, 2008

I don't know what to make of this

Apparent suicide in anthrax case

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UPDATE: Between naivete and conspiracy-mania lies skeptical realism. That's my mindset as i read this story. Maybe the evidence against Ivins is stronger than the case against Hatfill. But i am troubled by the fact that a dead man cannot mount a vigorous defense. Unless the FBI makes its evidence public, we cannot know if Ivins was the perpetrator or a convenient scapegoat.

The information cited in the news story is skimpy. I don't see the connection between his rule-breaking in the lab and the anthrax mailings. That he lived three and a half hours from the mailbox in Princeton is true of everyone at Fort Detrick (and tens of millions other people).

His suicide may be evidence of guilt. It could also be the act of an innocent man driven to despair by wrongful persecution.

But most of all, i hate it when the first rough draft of history is written by officials who are afraid to put their name behind it.

UPDATE 2: This American Thinker piece is very good on these issues.

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