Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jason Whitlock nails it

Stern, NBA have big problem on their hands with Donaghy’s allegations

The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant was in full Kobe form on Tuesday night, putting up a shot over the Celtics’ Paul Pierce in the second half. Bryant finished with 36 points. The Celtics lead the series 2-1. LOS ANGELES The system is broken, and David Stern’s belittling of disgraced and criminal former NBA ref Tim Donaghy won’t fix the officiating crisis undermining the credibility of all big-time sports.

The system is broken, and the one “media” organization — ESPN — that could provide significant pressure to enact dramatic change from sports leagues is in partner$hip with the leagues in question
ESPN is obsessed with Roger Clemens' (possible) steroid use. They think that a DUI by an ex-NFL player is news.

Bombshell revelations about the NBA? The professional journalists at the WWL play flack for David Stern and try to change the subject.

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