Saturday, July 21, 2007

Michael Vick

I've never been a fan of Vick and the the accusations against him are horrific. OTOH, if the Duke lacrosse case taught us anything it is that indictments are just accusations-- not evidence, not proof. So i'm going to wait for more information and give the QB his presumption of innocence. I wish the cable pundits would do the same.

They have learned nothing. Nancy Grace is ready to hang Vick today, right now. Lester Munson is making the rounds as a legal expert despite his laughably bad performance on the lacrosse case. Hannity and O'Reily at Fox News are back to their usual position as police state apologists.

For the time being, i'm going to ignore the story. The indictment is lurid, no doubt about it. But, then, so were the first batch of documents from Nifong and the DPD. We all know how wrong those documents were. It makes sense to wait and see.

UPDATE: Bob Smizek gets it:

Count me among the tens of millions of Americans who considers himself an unabashed dog lover -- man's best friend.

I'm fond also of the Constitution -- mankind's best friend.

The rush to judgment on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick for his alleged involvement in a dogfighting ring, considering we recently saw much the same thing in the Duke lacrosse case, is disturbing and disheartening. How many times do we have to be deceived by the criminal justice system before we can put aside our rage and act like citizens, not fools

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