Thursday, May 03, 2007

The looking glass war

Remember how angry the Bush administration was over the New York Times' stories that revealed the details of secret operations? There were many in the blogosphere who wanted criminal charges brought against the Times editors. It is hard to take that view and reconcile it with this:

Just a few feet from the podium, Rove was found at The New York Times table, in discussions with the likes of D.C. Bureau Chief Dean Baquet and columnist Maureen Dowd. When asked why the paper, which often battles the White House, chose to invite Rove, Dowd said, “I don’t do the inviting anymore.”

Reporter Jim Rutenberg said he had asked Rove because “we cover him and I just asked.” Was he getting any scoops from the White House insider? “He’s telling us everything,” Rutenberg joked
I think that this prove Bill Keller was right. Months ago he told PBS that the Bush administration liked having the issue but was uninterested in taking any real action.

It's not an accident that a certain number of these speeches decrying The New York Times happen to be at the microphones of Republican fundraising events. The New York Times is red meat to a certain slice of the conservative base.
I'm glad i didn't waste my outrage.

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