Thursday, April 19, 2007

The media's vile calculus: If it bleeds, it leads and leads to more blood

I agree with this post over at Ace's joint.

When Charles Whitman went up the tower at the University of Texas., he carried more than just guns and ammunition. He also took along a radio. He listened to the news coverage of te carnage he created. That was important to him.

The latest misfit did not get to watch the media frenzy he triggered. No matter, in his mind he knew that his media kit would get air play. We've been down this road so many times that he knew what was going to happen.

Right now the next sick fuck is watching Brian Williams pimp this killer's press release. Watching and thinking.

As the Columbine killers planned their crimes they speculated about who would do the movie about it.

Notoriety matters to these creeps. Brian Williams just proved that anyone can get their message on TV if they are willing to write it in the blood of innocents.

How is that not more offensive than Imus?

UPDATE: Roger Kimball:
Whenever anything really bad happens, you can be sure that "the media" will instantly become more emetic than ever, bombarding you round-the-clock with pseudo stories that endlessly repeat the some two-and-one-half facts and skein of groundless conjecture they first broadcast 36 hours ago. The banner "New Developments" regularly flits across the bottom of the television screen, but there are almost never any new developments, only those nauseating talking heads emanating concern and sincerity while milking the story of every last drop of sentimental indulgence.

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