Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One monkey gone, press brings next one from cage

Archie's boy is going to the big dance. Now that he has defeated the invicible Belicheck-Brady, the nay-sayers in the press want to remind us that he has to win it all, or everything will be for naught. The need to win a ring is emphasized for Manning much more than with other QBs.

I have to admit that i gave up hope when he threw the interception that went for a touchdown. I thought the only question remaining was if the Pats would score 40.

The unsung hero of the game has to be the much maligned Colts defense. They had every right to give up when the score hit 21-3. Instead, they kept the pressure on and held New England enough that the offense could get back in the game.

This game deserves to rank with the Cowboys-49ers-the Catch and Denver-Cleveland-the Drive.

Let's not forget that the Patriots's loss means that the 74-79 Steelers are still the only team to four Super Bowls in six years.

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