Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jason Whitlock on the Super Bowl coaches

Great column:

Coaches make dream matchup
This part is interesting and probably deserves to become the basis for a book:
By perfecting his Cover 2 defensive scheme, Dungy turned the Bucs into winners, a team that constantly knocked at the Super Bowl’s door. While in Tampa, he also taught Lovie Smith and Herm Edwards the principles and philosophies that would one day make them fine NFL head coaches.
How does a good man become a winner? That is the story i want to read. Even more, i want to read about a winner who rejected the win-at-all-costs, every man for himself ethos that we usually celebrate. The Dungy coaching tree is made up of men who are friends first, and then rivals. Dungy clearly was not the sort of manager who views his subordinates as competitors to be held back.

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