Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Duke lacrosse: what the chronology reveals

"He taught me one thing very useful," Mr. Powers said. "He said, 'The first thing [the Church committee's disclosures of C.I.A. secrets] will do is, it will allow them [the K.G.B.] to build a 'deep chrono.'

"And I said, 'Deep chrono?' And he said it was all about what you could learn from chronology, the basic tool of intelligence, and the dates and the meanings of the comings and goings of agents, which all can disclose a pattern."

(Writer Thomas Powers on CIA counter-intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton and his methods)

Lie Stoppers gives us a good example of the power of the chrono.

The time line demonstrates just how corrupt Nifong "justice" is.

UPDATE: John in Carolina gives us another example. Only this time, his chrono busts the spinning of an MSM enabler.

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