Friday, October 13, 2006

Nasty business

This column by Cliff Kincaid is a nasty bit of gay-bashing in the wake of the Foley scandal. Just one example:
Foley's progression from "friendly" to "explicit" Internet messages was part of his pattern as a homosexual pedophile predator.
The only part of that statement that is explicitly true is that Mark Foley is gay. He certainly was not a pedophile. The degree to which his behavior was predatory is what is under investigation.

I wonder how many people who blast Foley would also label Hugh Hefner a "perv"? Based on what we know now, Foley and Hef have a lot in common. They are both dirty old men who lust after teen-agers. Michelle Malkin, at least, is consistent. I don't doubt that she is as disgusted by Hefner as she is Foely. But i wonder how many others believe that?

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