Thursday, September 21, 2006

Walking advertisements for the death penalty

Killer Laughs, Tells Families To 'Get Over It'

Handy smirked in court as relatives of the victims talked about their loss. When it was his turn to speak, Handy said he was asking for no sympathy because he doesn't have any.

Handy showed no remorse as he addressed the court Wednesday, "I feel there's two types of people in this world, us and them, predator and prey. Well, I'm damn sure not a prey. So, I know there's people up in here hurt. Well, pain's a part of life, deal with it, get over it."

Arrest Made in Colo. Dragging Death

The woman, whose strangled and battered body was found Monday in a subdivision about 20 miles south of Denver, had still not been identified Thursday. Preliminary autopsy results indicated she died of asphyxiation and head injuries from the dragging, the coroner's office said. Sheriff's spokeswoman Kim Castellano declined to comment on the investigation Thursday.

Nancy Foley, who lives near the house where the body was found, said the woman was found with an orange tow rope around her neck and that her face was unrecognizable. Investigators said she had been dragged for at least a mile

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