Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wonder if they will do a story on Bill Hobbs

The New York Times ran a a piece on 4-9-06 on the terrible injustice done to John Green the executive producer for the week-end GMA. (It's now behind the subscription wall). He was the guy whose anti-Bush and anti-Albright emails got leaked to Drudge and cost him a one month suspension.

Note who they framed as the bad guys:

The punishment has sparked a discussion within media circles about the proper limits of newsroom repartee and the meaning of objectivity in a polarized and electronically connected environment. Although Mr. Green's private riffs were bipartisan in nature and do not appear to have leeched into news coverage, they come at a time when the mainstream media — whipsawed by a smattering of high-profile misdeeds and an aggressive gotcha police among bloggers and advocacy groups — are striving mightily to appear impartial above all.
Anyone want ot take bets on when the article will appear on the Bill Hobbs outrage? Or is it different when a "newspaper" targets a blogger for political reasons and costs him his job?

More on Hobbs here.

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