Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The elephant in the media living room

The Durham DA appears resolute in the Duke lacrosse case. His DNA dragnet came up empty, but he still maintains that someone at the team party raped the accuser. Time (and maybe the trial) will tell if he has the evidence to support that belief.

The media—those cynical, fearless seekers of truth—display a fascinating naivety about the political aspects of the case. The DA is, after all, in a tough primary fight. Whatever else he is, he is also a politician.

On any other issue the media analysis is heavy with political calculus. They are quick to ascribe self-serving motives to every vote and utterance when it comes to senators, congressmen, governors and presidents. They drop that mode of thought when it comes to prosecutors. That, apparently, is the one office whose occupant is immune to politics. Even when they are running for re-election. Even when they have ambitions to be a congressman or senator or mayor.

This post does not share the MSM’s squeamishness:

District Attorney Mike Nifong is Selling Scandal for Votes

UPDATE:4-12-06. From Betsy's Page:

There is something really hideous about a District Attorney, before he has even charged anyone to be responding to community pressure in such a way. It is appalling to think that some people will be arrested and charged because a DA has a tough primary election coming up. We'd have some more confidence in the objectivity of his investigation if he weren't getting his face all over the TV as soon as the charges hit the media.

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