Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Countdown-Where Olbie proves Stanley Baldwin right

So Keith Olbermann thinks Michelle Malkin is the worst person in the world because she reprinted parts of a press release sent out by some anti-war protesters.

I wonder if the smug former sports-reader has seen the email Malkin has received during the controversy? Does he worry that he added fuel to the fire?

British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin said of the press: "[they seek] "power without responsibility - the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages. "

Olbie's nonchalance might make him look cool in the eyes of the Kos Kids, but it reveals that he has the soul of a whore.

UPDATE: Here's what the Chancellor, and Campus Provost of UCSC had to say about those poor abused protesters:
On April 11, at the UC Santa Cruz Career Fair, a small group of individuals violated the principles they claimed to embrace – those of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. In using threatening and aggressive tactics to prevent interested students from contacting military recruiters, these protesters infringed on the rights of others and acted with intimidation, intolerance and disrespect. Many did so with their faces covered, unwilling to take public responsibility for their actions.
No wonder they are angry at Malkin for shining a little daylight on them.

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