Saturday, July 09, 2005

i got nothin' to match this

Just One Minute is still the indispensable blog on Plame/Wilson/Novak/Miller. It has been since the whole scandal started. As an example, check out this post and the comments. If Valerie Plame actually leaked to reporters under the guise of a "CIA analyst" then she had no covert status to protect after her hubby wrote his op-ed.

Ace of Spades just skewers the press for its gullibility in reporting the charges of systematic torture at Gitmo and elsewhere. If this doesn't pique you interest, you must be in a coma.

This is a Penthouse Forum fantasy, not a credible ....charge. This is the sort of fantasy concocted by a sexually-repressed Islamoretard who believes such things are possible in the decadent US.

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