Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why the Hall of Fame is becoming a joke

Look, if Swann and Stallworth belong in Canton, then Michael Irvin does. Screw the nerdy stat-crunching.-- 3 rings in 4 years. Biggest game-breaking threat on the team.

How many of those 18,000 yards did Emmitt Smith get because no one dared put 8 in the box with MI on the field?

Bob Hayes's exclusion is an even bigger outrage.

Has every one forgotten that Steve Young couldn't win the starting job on the really great 49ers teams? Or that he had a hard time getting past Dallas and Green Bay in the 90s?

And i still think that if Carl Eller is in the HOF, then LC Greenwood should be there, too. (TMQ agrees, calling Greenwood "the sure Canton choice who's been waiting longest.")

i guess we should expect this sort of thing. After all, the cretinous Woody Paige is one of the 39 writers who get a vote. (It only takes eight votes to keep someone out of the HoF.) Paige was one of Steve Rodrick's prime examples of sportwriters who have gone to pot because they spend so much time preening on ESPN.

I wonder how many other HoF voters are talking head or radio shouters.

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