Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Metrocon redux

Let's keep with the metro retrospective. This is from an old Slate email exchange between Danielle Crittenden and David Frum. DC descrbes why she doesn't like going on CSPAN's morning call-in show:

To be honest, it wasn't so much worse than the more typical exchange, which goes something like this:

Brian Lamb: Caller from One Horse Town, Mo., on our "independent" line. Go ahead please.

Caller: Thanks, Brian. I'd like to know what your guests today think of our governor's position on XXX. We're pretty angry about it up here [sound of gun barrel being polished]. And oh, I have a second question. What do your guests think of the circumstances surrounding Ron Brown's death
Frum and Crittenden might work for conservatives, but they share the cultural disdain for Red America that defines so much of contemporary liberalism.

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