Thursday, January 20, 2005

Exit Polls

See this terrific analysis of the exit poll foul-up.

Exit Polls: What Went Wrong?

Powerline comments here:
Which makes one wonder whether liberal groups like and ACT got their people hired as exit pollsters for the purpose of distorting the early results and thereby depressing Republican turnout.
Before the election i posted a couple of times on the potential problem of exit polls, the MSM's use of them on election day, and the distortions that can influence turnout in a close election.

Poll games: one last card to play


Later i posted this round-up and commented

On the Exit Poll Debacle
FWIW, it think Michael Barone's "slamming" theory is plausible. Polling places in all the battleground states were crawling with observers from the DNC, the Kerry campaign, MoveOn, ACT, etc. It makes sense that activists saw the exit pollsters and the word got around.

No top down conspiracy is required. Just as Rove did not tell bloggers to go after the Rather documents, Mike McCurry did not have to call his minions to send them to the right polling places. Leftists, too, can operate as a pack instead of a herd
Remember, as well, that SDB returned to blogging briefly to point out problems with the polls in September/October.

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