Tuesday, April 06, 2004

JYB on Sullivan

The JunkYard Blog is out of patience with Andrew Sullivan:

He plays with religion, mostly to denounce any that doesn't agree with his fairly narrow misinterpretations of scripture, and opines here and there on economics, but he basically doesn't know much of consequence about any of that. He certainly doesn't understand warfare or the military. He's just an opinionated guy who happens to write well and knows how to build a viable argument out of thin air. Which is why he's a journalist. What the heck else would he do?

Sullivan's grasp of military issues has always been suspect as discussed here:

Lessons of this War

He is also the sort of blogger i had in mind when i wrote this post:

When Instapundit Speaks (Successful Blogging and the Dangers of Rapid Response)

Even at his moment of glory-- the war on Howell Raines-- Sullivan was a less than reliable reporter.

Can Someone Please Explain

Andrew Sullivan must be smoking crack

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