Monday, January 19, 2004


I feel sorry for Dennis Kucinich and am startled to realize that i feel a certain amount of admiration for the man.

On policy, the man is a complete moonbat. I doubt that there are many issues we agree on. But the man campaigned hard for his positions even though he knew the odds were heavily against him. His showing in Iowa will provide fodder for Leno and Letterman and their imitators in the blogosphere. Yet, in the end, he-- not the jokers-- is the heir of TR. He went into the arena while they sniped from the cheapseats.

Kucinich took his case to the voters through retail politics. The guys mocking him on TV got their megaphone by knowing the right asses to kiss in New York and Hollywood. I know which one i think is more admirable.

I know that conservatives are supposed to be excited that Dennis Miller is pro-Bush and that Arnold won in California. But to tell you the truth, i'd swap both of them for a half dozen candidates willing to log the miles and endure the mockery while they carried the conservative message into (currently) inhospitable areas.

Justin Katz comments here.

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