Monday, February 17, 2014

Sometimes i wonder

I can imagine a heavily guarded corner in the FSB archives devoted to the NKVD/KGB's greatest still-secret operations. Among those files is the greatest disinformation operation in their history. Longer lasting than The Trust. An operation that managed to outlive the primary agent of influence and which to this day promotes the collectivist cause.

"Imagine," thinks Putin to himself, "there are Americans so stupid that they still rally to Ayn Rand when they set out to fight Socialism."


Son of Brock Landers said...

I'll disagree only because Rand's Fountainhead. I luckily returned Atlas Shrugged after page 80. In the Fountainhead, Rand creates her special villain Toohey as a journalist who does Western commie things. My comment on it is here.

craig said...

The NKVD actually had some agents pose as anti-Communists.

The post was mainly a joke but i do think it is interesting that many of Rand's enemies (Christians most especially) were also the first and main targets of Leninist terror.