Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Old Ben was worried about people like David Brooks

“A republic, if you can keep it”
Ben Franklin, 1787

It’s also typical of the “banal authoritarianism of do-something punditry,” of which Brooks is a leading practitioner, that the idea of gridlock horrifies him more than extending the imbalance of power among the three branches.
More great Brooks-smacking:

David Brooks Joins Tom Friedman In Calling For Authoritarian Government

Tom Friedman has long been an admirer of China's version of democracy, which is to not have a democracy.

Yesterday David Brooks moved outside his comfort zone of evaluating the crispness of trouser creases to opine it's time to Yield more authority to the President.

Brooks Looks For Contrarian Points

The Christmas season must be difficult for Times columnists. Apparently holiday fatigue and excess eggnog lead to bad outcomes. Any column by Maureen Dowd could be offered as evidence but this latest laugher from David Brooks reveals a man in need of a few weeks away

A Brooks miscellany from the archives:

Michelle Malkin captures the essence of David Brooks

Ace on Fire

More foolishness from David Brooks

Obama Arrangement Syndrome or why Kathleen Parker will always stand by her man

Just how “Burkean” are the Obamacons?

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